Is there any way to be faster during code copy-paste in XPages – Source view ?

Do you have any method, please tell me 🙂

When I am working in xp:viewPanel, and copy-paste of columns, It kills me …

XPages – Source görünümüde xp:viewPanel içinde kopyala-yapıştır işlemi yaparken 30sn-1dk arasında Domnio Designer bekleme yapıyor. sanırım ID leri ayarlamaya çalışıyor ama, itekleme şansımız var mıdır ya çok yavaş kalıyor 🙂


  1. Tim Tripcony

    If you hold Ctrl+Alt, then press up or down, it will duplicate the selected text in the direction you pressed. So you can duplicate any tag hierarchy with three key presses… and if you continue to hold Ctrl+Alt, pressing the same arrow key again will create another duplicate of the original selection.

    Slightly off topic… if you’re tweaking columns in view panels frequently enough to get frustrated by copy/paste operations, you should probably attend our webinar on July 18 to find out why you should never use a view panel again. 😉

      • Tim Tripcony

        Repeat controls.

        There’s nothing inherently wrong with view panels, except that they’re incredibly limiting. Repeat controls allow you to represent the same exact records you would display in a view panel, but represent the data any way you want.


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