Ferhat BULUT was born in 1981 in Karabük.
He has been an experienced software developer for nine years and has been developing programmes as fast and trustworthy as possible.
He started his career in Ultima Information Tech, which is one of the leading Information Technology companies in Turkey, as the Junior Consultant.
He continued his career in Yapi Kredi Bank as one of the members of the team whose responsibility was to develop application software programmes which were adaptable to TRY and he wrote his name under several programmes by the help of his broad experience in Lotus Notes.
From January 2005 to December 2005, he worked for Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri, which is an IBM Premium Business Partner in the position of Application Development Specialist, also from December 2005 to February 2011, her worked for Vodafone Turkey in the position of Senior Software Developer. From February 2011 to May 2013, he worked as a Senior Software Developer/Technical Analysis at Akbank.

Now he has been continuing his career in a Corporate Mobile Application Development Manager in Akbank.

Besides, he has given valuable support during software development process, sales process and customer’s education seminars in many international companies.

Ferhat Ikbal BULUT, who has the certificate of IBM Lotus Notes Certified Associate Developer, graduated from Istanbul University, Electronics Engineering Department with a B.S. degree and graduated from Marmara University, Management Information Systems Engineering Department with a M.S degree.

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