Hello again,

We are starting to develop blackberry mobile application. Our mobile application will be developed based on the domino webservice technology. So we are starting to develop our sample webservice.

We will use following development IDE & tools during our tutorial.

Now we will create lotus notes application to develop our webservice.

  • Title : Search People
  • DB File Name : searchpeople.nsf
  • Other settings : Default
  • Add anonymous entry to ACL with Author & Create Document property.

Also you can create your database at any where in your server data directory. Webservice url seems like that : http://<hostname>/<nsf db file path>/<web service name>?wsdl

SP - 01. Create DB

01. Create Database

Create webservice design element.

  • Open your database at designer
  • Expand Code \ Web Service Providers
  • Click to New Web Service Provider button.
  • Name : SearchPeople
  • Type : LotusScript
  • Click to OK.

SP - 05. Preview WebService

02. Domino Designer IDE

SP - 02. Create Web Service Provider

03. Webservice (SearchPeople)

SP - 03. Web Service Settings 1 SP - 04. Web Service Settings 2

04. Web Service Properties

Web Service Properties (03. Webservice – Basics Tab & 04. Web Service – Advance Tab)

  • Tab : Basics
    • Name : SearchPeople
    • PortType Class : SearchPeople
  • Tab : Advcance
    • Options \ Programming model : RPC
    • SOAP Message Format :Doc/literal
    • Include operation name in SOAP action : Checked
    • Port type name : SearchPeople
    • Service element name : SearchPeopleService
    • Service port name : Domino

Add following codes to the Declarations event of webservice.

Save and close. Our webservice is ready.

But donot forget to configure your domino server settings :

  • Check Http task is running
  • Add Signer of webservice to Security \ Programmability  Restrictions \ Sign or run unrestricted methods and operations field.
  • Internet Protocols \ Domino Web Engine \ Web Agents and Web Services \ Run web agents and web services concurrently? value must be Enabled
  • Give an integer value to Internet Protocols \ Domino Web Engine \ Web Agents and Web Services \ Web agent and web services timeout field. Maybe 60 seconds

Lets check our webservice is OK ?

Open your browser.

Write to address field. http://<local computer ip or host name>/<Db file path>/PeopleSearch?wsdl and hit to Enter. You will see following picture in your browser.

SP - 06. WebService Preview in Browser

OK. Web will develop client side of our tutorial at Part 2. We will use Eclipse with Blackberry Plugin IDE. See you next time.


  1. Hi Abeish,

    Thank you so much. Nice to see my blog post is being read 🙂

    I am trying to find a free time to complete my tutorial. Within a few days i will add Eclipse part of this tutorial.

    See you

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