A JSTL primer, Part 1: The expression language

JSF Techniques – EL Resolvers

Simple If – Then for rendered properties in table – tr using view column data.

[Column value of GorusTipi equals “Zorunlu”] AND [Column value of UygunlukDurumu IS NOT EMPTY]

<xp:this.rendered><![CDATA[#{viewEntry[“GorusTipi”] eq “Zorunlu” && !empty viewEntry[“UygunlukDurumu”]}]]></xp:this.rendered>

Table 2. The EL operators

Category Operators
Arithmetic +-*/ (or div), % (or mod)
Relational == (or eq), != (or ne), < (or lt), > (or gt), <= (or le), >= (or ge)
Logical && (or and), || (or or), ! (or not)
Validation empty

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