“For some reason when I try to sign my project .cod file the signature tool creates a second instance of my project for it to sign.

I tried to create a new project and move my files – but no luck.

it looks something like:

Proj.cod Not Signed Required RRT
Proj.cod Not Signed Required RBB
Proj.cod Not Signed Optional RCR
Proj-1.cod Not Signed Required RRT <—-????
Proj-1.cod Not Signed Required RBB <—-???? Where did these 3 come from?
Proj-1.cod Not Signed Optional RCR <—-????”
by dmravyan from Blackberry Support Community Forum

The reason of this situation -> Link

Reason : If the cod file is larger than around 64k then it splits the main cod into multiple smaller cod files with the -n extension to the filename.

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