Now we are starting to develop Blackberry part of our tutorial.

We will use following development IDE & tools during our tutorial.

Check your webservice is correct or not using browser. Type the webservice url to address field. Webservice url seems like that : http://<hostname>/<nsf db file path>/<web service name>?wsdl

My webservice url is

  1. Open the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit application.SP - 10. Java - Stub Generator Application
  2. Select Stub Generator and click to Launch button. SP - 11. Stub Generator
  3. Type necessary information to Dialog
    1. WSDL Filename or URL : Your WSDL URL –> http://<hostname>/<nsf db file path>/<web service name>?wsdl
    2. Output Path : Location for generated files. Select a directory. For example : C:\SearchPeople
    3. Output Package : Type the package name for your java files. For example : com.blackberry.searchpeople
    4. CLDC Version : Select CLDC 1.1 option. I don’t know exactly what is it 🙂
  4. Select OK button to finish process.

If you got an error, please check this list to solve problem :

  1. Check the domino server is running 🙂 just kidding …
  2. Check HTTP Task on your server is running
    1. Type on console “show tasks”. On the list “HTTP Server” “Listen for connect requests on TCP Port : 80”
  3. Check server configuration (I mentioned about in Part I)
  4. Check Webservice Consumer codes

If everything is OK, Stub Generator shows a dialogbox like this. “Stub Generation Complete

After that close Stub Generator application. Goto C:\SearchPeople directory. Look at files. You will see 8 files. We need java files to begin our blackberry application development.

SP - 10. Stub Files

Now open your Eclipse for Blackberry application.

Now we will create new Blackberry Project. Click to File –> New –> Project

Expand Blackberry category, select Blackberry Project and click to Next button.

SP - 12. Eclipse Create Project 1

Type a name for our project. I choose “SearchPeople” for my project’s name. And click to Finish button.

SP - 13. Eclipse Create Project 2

Our project looks like this from Package Explorer.

SP - 14. Eclipse Create Project 3

Now we need to add our java files to project.

Create a Package under src folder with the name “com.blackberry.searchpeople

  1. Right mouse click on the src folder.
  2. Click to New –> Package
  3. Name : com.blackberry.searchpeople
  4. Click to Finish button.

Now add java source files to this package

  1. Right mouse click on the package “com.blackberry.searchpeople”
  2. Click to Import
  3. Select General –> FileSystem category
  4. From Directory : C:\SearchPeople\com\blackberry\searchpeople
  5. Select *.Java files and click to Finish button. SP - 15. Eclipse Import Java Files

Now our application looks like this.

SP - 14. Eclipse Create Project 4


  1. Hi Ferhat,

    I am following your articles and it is very helpful. Looking forward to the next set of articles on Blackberry development.

    Whether you will discuss about the PUSH and synchronizing technique on Blackberry development.

  2. I think, i will publish next part of this tutorial today or tomorrow. I didn’t used PUSH technology i mean i didn’t development on this technology yet but i can …

    I don’t understand what is “synchronizing technique” ? Could you please explain ?

  3. Anthoy krarter

    thanks for your tutorial .

    I am trying to generate a wsdl from a secure site ( https ) and getting error of certification .

    I check in the certification in the WTK and it exsits .

    any idea ?


  4. I didn’t try to generate stub files using https. I don’t know why but i will try it. I will write the results in a short time …


  5. Hi Ferhat Bulut,

    Did you get a chance to publish the 3rd part for blackberry development for domino? i loved your post.



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