I just submitted & attended to 2nd OpenNTF XPages Development Contest with “Agent Trigger”

and I said, Good Luck “Agent Trigger” 🙂

Just kidding 🙂 Main purpose is to become a member of open-source community. I love the community, to talk about business and social, sharing know-how … Make me happy.

I faced with some difficulties during development about Mobile controls which delivered with Extension Library 8.5.3. Especially, to create user-friendly layout.

Sometimes, It’s very difficult … I hope, you will like it and use it (If you have an access to your corporate/personal network from your iPhone, iPad, etc 🙂 )

So I love BlackBerry (java development). It’s screen is very small, very very bad for end users but It has corporate network access from the beginning. No Firewall, No Business, No Job Requests … 🙂


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