Ed Brill announed that the IBM Notes & Domino 9 Social Edition betas are now available for download.

Download IBM Notes & Domino 9 Social Edition Beta

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I just installed IBM Notes & Domino 9 Social Edition (Public Beta) on my computer.

When installation ended, tried to open http task but not loaded. Domino displayed warning “there is no httpd.cnf” file. I saw this error when I installed Domino 8.5.3 on Windows 8.

Don’t know the exact reason maybe I missed something about configuration 🙂 But copied old httpd.cnf to data folder and no problem …

I always loved Domino & Notes installations. Exactly”easy to install”, click 3-5 times Next and fill 3 box. Finished 🙂

Run my older XPages application and no problem yet. I will use it on next days more detailed.

And … I have blue icons now 🙂 Looks pretty 🙂

IBM Notes & Domino 9 Social Edition

“Welcome aboard”


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